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Noah Elliot Simon Shaw is Mara Dyer's main love interest. He can heal people and interpret their auras. At the end of The Evolution of Mara Dyer, it was said that he was deceased, but Mara believes otherwise.
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Noah Elliot Simon Shaw is a seventeen-year-old boy originally born in England, so he has an English accent. Normally described to look lazy or sloppily put together although his family is extremely wealthy. He moved to Miami, Florida after his biological mother died. He has a younger sister named Katie. She is either fifteen or sixteen. When he was young, he went to a protest with his real mother where she got stabbed and died right in front of him. His father is what you would call a "prick". Mara refers to his father as "daddy warbuck". He got remarried to a woman named Ruth who was Noah's mother's best friend. Noah has a dog named Ruby and an adopted one named Mabel whom Mara saved from an abusive owner. Noah's stepmother is a veterinarian and helped Mabel and took her in. Noah is very charismatic and is liked by every girl in school. They say that he has had sex with each and every one of them just for the fun of it, but in reality he has only admited to a few. He is deeply in love with Mara Dyer and she also feels the same way. Noah has a power to heal. He can tell if someone is hurt by hearing a pulse, heart beat, blood flow rate, etc... He usually concentrates on Mara's pulse and what not, saying that it sounds different and changes with her reactions to him and/or moods. 


Mara Dyer; girlfriend (basically wife), soulmate

Katie Shaw, Sister.

Ruth Shaw; Stepmother.

David Shaw; Father.

Naomi Shaw: Birth Mother

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